About the Artist

Hans Christian Rylander

Painter, Graphic artist, Sculptor
1939 - 2021

Rylander studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under professor Egill Jacobsen and the Academy’s School of Education from 1965-1969. He served on the Censure Committee for the Artists' Autumn Exhibition (KE) in 1967-68, 86-87 and 92-93. He was also a consulting artist for Birkerod Kommune from 1978-1982, and Foreman for the Decembrists from 1980. In addition, he was an active member of the Committee for International Art Exhibitions (KIKU) and foreman from 1992-95, a representative for the Danish Arts Fund from 1994-95 and member of the Danish Arts Fund Purchasing and Grants Scholarship committee from 1996-98. Rylander was also a board foreman for the Center of Danish Visual Arts from 1999.

Hans Christian Rylander’s stunning 100-meter long artwork now adorns the rooms at the Provianthuset at Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament.

Sculptures by Hans Christian Rylander:

Like Bubbles in the Stream

No title


No title

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