Peter Thomsen
Filosofgangen 3,1
DK-5000 Odense C
Mobile: +45 2423 7357


Open all days - 24 hours a day - by appointment.

About the Gallery

The gallery shares space with a private residence in a big, old funkis-style apartment. This combined "home-sweet-home" and "business" setting creates an exhibition experience unlike any other. You won’t find stereotypical white walls or uniform white lighting. But you may find someone deeply concentrated while writing on his computer. Or hear a telephone ring or people conducting a meeting at the dining table. Don’t let it bother you, because it certainly doesn’t bother us!

Our regular guests often comment on how the entire apartment changes character every time there’s a new exhibit. Most artists, even those who are world travellers, think that it’s refreshing to see their works displayed in an unconventional setting.

We organize new exhibitions about every third month. They are very diverse, as you can see on our exhibition calendar, both in terms of genre and price.

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After each reception you can visit our gallery by appointment. Just call, and we’ll book a time.